Steen Architecten is specialized in high end residential projects, showcasing expertise ranging from intricate renovations of urban townhouses to designing newly built homes. Additionally, we excel in crafting interior solutions for both residences and offices.

Our studio is a coming together of tradition and modernity, a playful balance between seemingly opposing forces, nature and architecture, interior and exterior, openness and structure. Our goal is to design spaces that are versatile, providing a trustworthy and appealing look while contributing to a sustainable environment. We pay close attention to every detail when bringing our projects to life.

Understanding that every project is unique, just like our clients, we maintain a client-centric approach. This ensures that your vision and goals remain at the forefront of our design process. We collaborate closely with you to transform your ideas into reality, creating spaces that reflect your individuality.
A successful project demands meticulous planning and execution. Our project management services ensure that every detail is handled with precision, from timelines to budget.
At Steen Architecten, we are committed to providing a comprehensive architectural service. We guide our clients through every stage, from initial design concepts to the flawless execution of their vision.

Contact us to discuss your project, and let's embark on a journey of creative collaboration and architectural excellence together.


Matthias Steenackers - ir. architect, founder
Thomas Joos - architect