Completed | 2020
Antwerp | Belgium
Landscape design
Stefan Morael

A couple of sculpture artists in Antwerp wanted us to take the rooftop of their townhouse to a new architectural level. We wanted to give rise to the soul of the homeowners and pursued some natural archetypes that strongly resonate with them. From this emerged an earth red wooden terrace, floating like a raft on a sea of green.


The flat rooftop provided us with two gratifying features to work with: height and surface. In collaboration with garden architect Stefan Morael, we revamped the rooftop into a lush green living area, optimized for a blissful view on the city below, and chose plants and trees that would fluctuate along with the seasons. The terrace features a high lantern providing orientation and a greenhouse as a haven to sit and relax.


Our client wanted to connect the heavenly features of the new rooftop with the adjacent patio below. Two interventions made that happen. One was introducing a wooden terrace, akin to the one above. The other consisted of physically connecting the patio through a spiral stairway to heaven conceived with a light blue metal from Le Corbusier’s color palette.

Sneak peek of the view, while we wait for the garden to blossom!

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