Completed | 2020
Heverlee | Belgium
Main designer
Studio Anton Hendrik Denys
Collaborating architect
Steen Architecten

In collaboration with designer Anton Hendrik Denys we transformed a 3500m2 uninspired office building to a sparkling meeting hub for the ICT sector, bringing together all functionalities that revolve around dialogue, communication and human contact. Moving the space from cold to warm, industrial to personal, we had to strip it…

Medical Center Antwerp

Completed | 2021
Antwerp | Belgium

Our project involved the conversion of the existing store into a state-of-the-art doctor's office, featuring three modern medical cabins, a welcoming reception area, a comfortable waiting room, and a functional back office.

Inspired by the desire to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, we incorporated a palette of inviting warm…

Windy Hill

Completed | 2021
De Haan | Belgium

In the charming coastal town of De Haan Steen Architecten managed the extensive interior refurbishment of a lovely, large vacation house on the small enchanting hill top of Windy Hill. The house is located in an authentic, protected landscape that doesn’t allow for any substantial exterior redecoration. We aspired to…


You’re passionate about the architectural process from A to Z. You have attention for detail and cross-disciplinary collaborations make you tick. You’re an independent worker, responsible, communicative and resilient. In your next job you’re looking for the freedom and guidance to develop your full potential.

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